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About Us

We are passionate about the crops we grow and the land we farm.

We are a family owned farming business growing root vegetables, cereals and peas in Suffolk.  We use our light free draining soils to grow packing potatoes and onions for retail customers.  A proportion of the land we farm is close to the coast and so always a few degrees warmer in early spring, helping to reduce the risk of frost and also help crops get growing more quickly, helping us to produce home grown fresh produce early in the season.

We have a range of modern storage buildings for potatoes and onions as well as on site grading facility helping to meet the requirements of our customers. 

Water is key to sustainable food production and we have invested heavily in the harvesting and storage of this resource. 

Please do contact us if you think there is a crop or product we can grow for you, we'd be pleased to see what we can do.   

We are always interested in renting land for potatoes and onions and would be pleased to discuss other farming opportunities.

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