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Cultivating ridges

cults ridge.jpg

A spring tining for onions

spring tine onions.jpg



Onion bedforming

onion bed form.jpg

Onion drilling

onion drilling.jpg

Seed potato planting

seed pots plant 2.jpg

Main crop potato planting


Onions drilled

onions drilled.jpg


irrigation 1.jpg

Piper growing well

piper growing well.jpg

Onions looking well under Darryl Shailes' watchful eye

happy so far.jpg

A cruise ship moored up off Walberswick during lockdown Spring 2020

lock down cruise ship at walberswick.jpg

Onions loving the sun and a drink

onions loving sun.jpg

Piper growing

piper in sun.jpg

Early Maris Peer being harvested

early peer harvest 2.jpg

A welcome break away from the irrigator for our students

student clay pigeon shoot.jpg

Harvesting Maris Piper

piper harvest.jpg

Maris Piper in the box

piper in the box.jpg

A Marfona wash up

marfona looking ok.jpg

Harvesting onion sets with the dust blowing

dusty set harvest.jpg

Mike proudly showing off his new oil storage solution

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